Midwest Lighting Institute is currently conducting numerous studies in 3 industries: Healthcare, Education, and Industrial.


Current studies

Rich Blue Lighting and Medical Error rates

Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Dr. Steven Lockley has been conducting research at NASA. He was able to reduce errors at NASA Mission Control using Rich Blue Lighting. MLI believes we can use a similar system in a healthcare setting to reduce medical errors.
Timeline: Lighting installation completed for December, 2016. Data collection to begin January, 2017 with early results available October 2017. Final study expected to be available in late 2017.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Yanjun Chen – Learn more

Rich Blue Lighting and Fall Rates in a Senior Care Facility

Falls in a senior care facility is a huge expense and risk for residents. MLI is teaming with a senior care facility in Minnesota to bring rich blue lighting (and effectively daylighting) into the facility. We will be measuring fall rates before and after the change. Results just reported: 32% reduction in falls!

Upcoming Studies

LED Lighting in Nursing Homes to Improve Resident Health and Lower Fall Rates

Midwest Lighting Institute has been awarded a $200,000 federal grant to study lighting in 2 nursing homes. We are actively seeking nursing homes to participate in the study. As a reward for participation, selected nursing homes will receive $70,000 toward the cost of the lighting system upgrade. DETAILS AND APPLICATIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Timeline: Applications due September 29, 2017


Current studies:

Dynamic lighting in the classroom to increase concentration and sleep quality

MLI is teaming with Stoughton Utilities, WPPI Energy, and the Stoughton school district to be the first to install dynamic LED lighting in the classroom. Currently, the only other system installed is Des Moines School District where they installed the dynamic lighting, based on 3 Dutch studies, in special needs classrooms.

Timeline: Installation December 2016; Training of staff in early January 2017
Data Collection: through the winter semester of 2017
Deliverable: We will be producing a video to show the before and after pictures, training, survey results, and testimonials from participants that should be available in the fall of 2017.


Upcoming studies:

Rich Blue Lighting and Increased Production and Reduced Errors

Much like the healthcare industry, workers in the industrial manufacturing facilities spend little time in areas with adequate daylighting. MLI is working with an industrial manufacturer to install LED lighting that contains Rich Blue lighting. MLI and the manufacturer are trying to measure production, error rates, employee satisfaction, employee attendance, and safety ratings to determine if a change is measurable after installation of the lighting.

Timeline: MLI is actively seeking an industrial partner who would be willing to share production and safety data with us.