Our Mission

Midwest Lighting Institute (MLI) moves laboratory research on light and human physiological response into real world environments. We measure the results in terms of changes in human performance due to the lighting upgrade, as well as evaluate the systems’ performance for energy and maintenance costs. If the results show positive impacts on human performance and the installation is cost effective, we can speed up the adoption of healthy lighting while having an immediate positive impact to the bottom line. We believe lighting based on proven science can improve human health, productivity and safety while creating short and long term financial benefits for the adopting company.

Guiding Principles

  • Our research, technologies, and services will include products vetted by scientists, practitioners, and industry experts at the highest standard of care.
  • Our research, technologies, and services will maintain objectivity through manufacturer-neutral assessments.
  • Our research, technologies, and services will embrace collaboration with individuals and institutions that are specialized and recognized in their fields.