Midwest Lighting Institute (MLI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit company. The initial funding for start-up and prliminary studies was provided through a contribution from MedLumen, LLC. MedLumen is for-profit design-build lighting company. They share MLI’s passion for developing best uses of new lighting technologies. Rodney Heller is the owner of MedLumen as well as Chairman of MLI.

Midwest Lighting Institute is also working with Stoughton Utilities and WPPI Energy to study the affects of tunable lighting in Stoughton Schools. MLI has also worked with Stoughton Utilities to apply for a grant through the American Public Power Association.

MLI is seeking grants from other companies or establishments whose ideals align with ours.  LED lighting is being pushed into the commercial market place very quickly. Energy savings along with expected savings on maintenance is normally enough to convince building owners to retrofit current fluorescent lighting. We believe that in addition to energy and maintenance savings, we can help create a better working environment for humans in the healthcare, education, and industrial environments. MLI seeks to verify that claim.

MLI is not product dependent. We seek out products manufactured by others, but not based on proving a claim from the manufacturer. We select products that have the intensity, lighting spectrum, and controls needed to have the maximum effect on human behavior. This is all based on the research we are taking from various, credible sources around the world.